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KLS Economic Geology Literature Service

~ A targeted scientific literature service for mineral exploration geologists ~

Dedicated to advancing research driven mineral exploration by increasing the awareness and availability of scientific publications and technical resources. Facilitating communication and collaboration between industry professionals and academia in the search for world class discoveries.

- Monthly PDF digital version newsletter:

Email delivery of momthly newsletters containing the latest scientific referenced literature and technical resources that are relevant to mineral exploration, listed with economic commodities and sorted by source and geographical region. Each newsletter includes notification of scientific journals, special publications, conference proceedings, geological survey reports, society newsletters, industry magazines, academic research papers, digital resources and books, as well as upcoming conference listings.

- Check out examples o f previous newsletters: Metals

- Access to full-text hardcopies:

Make a request and printed copies, in colour where applicable, will be mailed or faxed directly to you, or digital copies can be emailed where copyright rules permit.

- Technical literature searches:

Save your valuable time. We can compile technical searches on your behalf and provide you with a summarized literature review, recommended reading list, links to relevant digital resources, and send you the hard/digital copies upon request.

- Base and Precious Metals Focus:  

  •  Metallogenic and geologic setting of grass-roots to advanced exploration projects from deposit to regional-scale

  • Commodity noted (gold, copper, PGE, silver, nickel, lead, zinc, etc), host minerals and rocks

  • Intrusive-related (skarns, porphyries, high-sulphidation epithermal systems)

  • Structurally controlled deposits (shear-zone hosted, IOCG)

  • Mineralization processes (hydrothermal and magmatic systems, supergene enrichment

  • Metallurgy and beneficiation issues (affecting exploration decisions)

  • Geophysical techniques for mineral exploration

  • Sustainable development, social and environmental issues (move to number 5)

  • Economic, legal and regulatory issues

- Annual Fee Structure:

- Monthly Newsletter - Base and Precious Metals



Non-MDRU Member


Global Mining Company with operating mines: Global Intranet site posting or global distribution to all offices, all employees

$3000 ($250/mo)


Major Mining Company (operating mine): Regional distribution within the regional office only

$1900 ($158/mo)


Junior Exploration Company; or Consultancy/Management Group; distribution to all offices & employees

$1700 ($142/mo)


Government/University/Non-profit Institutes
Distribution to employees

$1350 ($113/mo)


Private Exploration company
Distribution to employees

$850 ($71/mo)


Individual / Geological Consultant
Individual use only

$550 ($46/mo)

- Full-Text Hardcopy or Digital Reprints:

Per article, includes library search, acquisition and photocopying/printing. A hardcopy is provided in high-quality laser-printed colour where applicable.

Hardcopy B & W*: $12 per article + $0.35 per page

Hardcopy Colour*: $12 per article + $1.25 per page

Digital copy*: $12 per article

*Copyright charges may apply
*Additional postage costs for surface mail delivery from Vancouver, Canada
*Fax and courier costs extra - recommended for South Africa, South America and Australia

- Technical Literature Review:

$60 hourly rate for subscribers; 
$90 hourly rate for non-subscribers; 
2 hour minimum

Payments by VISA, MasterCard, cheque or wire payment in Canadian dollars; USD equivalent accepted for international orders

- To sign up or make any enquiries, please contact:

Karie Smith

Email: karie@klsgeo.com

Manager, KLS Economic Geology Literature Services

KLS Geological

319 - 15216 North Bluff Road

White Rock, BC CANADA V4B 0A7

Tel 1.604.367.8898

Fax 1.604.536.8080




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