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Current Training

SC52 April 26 to April 30 (Monday-Friday), 2021 (4.5 days) - Pacific Standard Time

"Economic Guidelines for Mineral Exploration" - Lecture Course

With Dr. Michael Doggett

Virtual Format from Vancouver, Canada

Please see the link for more information

SC47 June 12 (Saturday) to June 20 (Sunday), 2021
 (8 days)

"Field Mapping of Ore Deposits - Anatomy of a Tilted Porphyry Cu Batholith and its Hydrothermal Alteration Features" - Field Course

With Dr. John Dilles and Dr. Richard (Dick) Tosdal

Yerington, Nevada, USA

March 21 (Saturday) to March 29 (Sunday), 2020 - cancelled due to COVID-19 policy restriction

Please email me at "karie@KLSgeo.com" to be added to the pre-email list

SC49 Postponed till 2021 - dates TBD

"Volcanology for Exploration Geologists - Lecture/Field Course"

With Jocelyn McPhie
and Dr Gonca Gencalioglu Kuscu


April 11 (Saturday) to April 14 (Tuesday), 2020 (4 days) - cancelled due to COVID-19 policy restriction
(Right after the 73rd Geological Congress of Turkey April 6-10 in Ankara)

Please see the link for more information





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