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"Techniques in Mapping, Logging and 3D Modelling of Porphyry-Cu Deposits"

Presented by:
Dr. Warren Pratt
Specialised Geological Mapping (SGM) Ltd 
with assistance from Chris Gordon
Specialised Geological Mapping (SGM) Ltd

Ulutas, Ispir, TURKEY

September 28 (Monday) to October 2 (Friday), 2020
 (7 days)













Introduction This short course, sanctioned by SEG, helps participants learn the field skills they need to map, and model in 3D, porphyry deposits. The lessons learned will have wider application, to other deposit types. The hands-on, boots-on-the-ground, methods used by Specialised Geological Mapping Ltd (‘SGM’) have been developed over 25 years during consulting on numerous porphyry and epithermal projects worldwide, including World Class deposits. These methods provide an alternative to traditional ‘Anaconda’-type mapping, more suited to the digital age.

Course format and delivery. The short course will be run over five days, with a combination of fieldwork and core logging. The chosen site is the Ulutaş Cu-Mo porphyry in the Eastern Pontides of Turkey (close to the Black Sea coast). This Cretaceous porphyry is intruded into Paleozoic metamorphic rocks, including foliated granitoids and limestones (generating skarn), and is overlain unconformably by Eocene volcanic rocks. Exposure and access are good, very close to the town of Ispir.

Mapping techniques, including ‘feature mapping’ (reading the landscape) and tricks of the trade, such as float and spring lines, will be taught. Data will be collected in a systematic way that makes it easy to get into digital format. Students will be encouraged to make their own map, each evening.

There will be emphasis on how to identify the most relevant field parameters (e.g. vein density, % of sericite) and getting field observations into digital format. The deposit was drilled most recently (2019) by Demir Export.  SGM methods for quick logging, which have a graphic approach, but are still coded into digital format, will be taught.

Evening presentations will be given on surface and 3D modelling using QGIS, Leapfrog and Discover 3D.

Language. The course is presented in English, but bilingual Turkish/English geologists will be available.

Who should attend? The course would most benefit students and early stage industry professionals.

Course leaders. Dr Warren Pratt (Specialised Geological Mapping (SGM) Ltd) is an award-winning exploration geologist, SEG Fellow and mapper, with over 30 years of boots-on-the-ground experience and 7 years of British Geological Survey mapping training. Much of his porphyry experience comes from South America, where he has worked on many significant deposits, from grassroots to mine.

Chris Gordon (SGM Ltd), an experienced mapper, will also be helping. CVs are available at www.geologicalmapping.com.


$3000 USD early registration (by Fri, August 21, 2020)  |  $3300 USD late registration (after Fri, August 21, 2020)

Fee includes: Lodging for 5 nights (double occupancy), 5 full days of instruction, transportation between Trabzon and Ispir and during the course, all meals, field notes, and certificate of participation.

Space is limited for all Courses. Register early to avoid disappointment.
KLS Geological reserves the right to cancel Short Courses that do not meet minimum attendance requirements.

Minimum of 12 industry participants required by the early registration date
Maximum of 30 industry participants overall

Payments accepted by cheque, wire and bank transfers, and all major credit cards

Register here by filling in the attached registration form, and sending it back by email, fax or by mail

Please contact Karie Smith at karie@klsgeo.com for more information....






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