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"Financial Tools and Economic Guidelines for 21st Century Exploration"

With Dr. Michael Doggett



November 23 to 27 (Monday-Friday), 2020 (4.5 days)
8:30AM to 5:00PM PST Mon-Thur; 8:30AM to 1:00PM PST Fri












This course is designed to teach geologists and mining related professionals the financial tools and other guidelines to effectively operate in the modern-day mineral exploration business.  Evaluation of mineral projects will be discussed at all stages of the mineral supply pipeline within the broader context of proper investment decision making.  This material will be augmented by corporate and industry-scale analyses. 

Topics covered include:

Currency and Financing – real dollars, cost of capital, streaming and royalty arrangements.

Cash Flow and Discounted Cash Flow Metrics - -profit and margin analysis; operating margin; competitive cost position; payback period; net present value; Internal rate of return;

Sensitivity and Risk Analysis -analyzing the effects of uncertain parameters; answering 'what if' questions; trade-offs in geopolitical risk and geological quality; the probabilistic concept of risk;

Exploration Planning and Strategy - minimum acceptable exploration target conditions; lessons from exploration success and failure, finding versus acquiring ore reserves; structuring exploration agreements, major and juniors company approach to exploration.

Course Format and Delivery

The course will be delivered over a 4 and a 1/2 day intensive program integrating lectures by the course leader and group assignments for course participants.  The course is structured so as to be highly applied and maximize interaction of course leaders and participants.  International case studies will be used to highlight the course material and provide a highly applied approach to mineral project evaluation.

An integral part of the course is small group work whereby participants in the course are divided into smaller groups to discuss and complete assignments and industry case studies based on each segment of the course material.  Each group will be responsible for presenting their assignments to the class. 

Course materials and lectures will be presented in English. Dr. Doggett can also communicate in Spanish for some small clarifications, if needed.

Dr. Michael Doggett is the Principal of Doggett and Associates and President of El Olivar Imperial, a private Peruvian mineral processing company.  He has over 30 years of experience in the field of mineral economics advising mining companies, governments and international agencies.  He has delivered professional development programs in mineral project evaluation to more than 3,000 people in a dozen countries.  Dr. Doggett is an Adjunct Professor at Queen’s University, Canada where he served as Director of the Mineral Exploration Master’s Program from 1997 to 2007.  In 2002 he was the recipient of the Robert Elver Mineral Economics Award of the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM).  He has served as the Society of Economic Geologists International Exchange lecturer in 2005 and as a CIM Distinguished Lecturer in 2010-2011. The Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) presented him with its Mineral Economics Award in 2019. 

$2499 CAD + GST: early registration (by Friday, October 23, 2020)  |  $2699 CAD + GST: late registration (after Friday, October 23, 2020)

Fee includes: (4) full days and (1) half day, shortcourse notes  and participation certificate  

10% discount for 5 or more participants from within the same company.

Payments accepted by cheque, wire and bank transfers, and all major credit cards.

Space is limited for all courses. Register early to avoid disappointment.
KLS Geological reserves the right to cancel short courses that do not meet the minimum attendance requirements.

Minimum of 12 participants required by the early registration date
Maximum of 30 participants overall


Register here by filling in the attached registration form, and sending it back by email, fax or by mail

Please contact Karie Smith at karie@klsgeo.com for more information....


Past Course Comments:

"Great instructor, interesting course material and very useful exercises. It was probably one of the best professional development courses I’ve taken. I liked his lecturing style and talent for using interesting anecdotes. And I learned more from doing the exercises than I could have just listening to a lecture."
- Ron Voordouw, Director Geoscience, Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd. - Vancouver, March 2017

"Great course, great instructor and well organized."
- Anonymous - Vancouver, March 2017

"Well organized and very relevant to my current position and company strategy. Breaking down where IRR / NPVx come from was useful to then understand how to calculate.reverse engineer grades and tonnage needed at specific profitability."
- Alex Neufeld, Senior Project Geologist, Anglo American Exploration USA - Vancouver, March 2017

"Spoke to many different levels of knowledge in the room. Enjoyed how the class built from each lesson. Gave bite-size pieces to better understand it on the whole."
- Anonymous - Vancouver, March 2017

"Course was very well laid out. The material was clear and informative. Slides for the course followed the written material very well. "
- Anonymous - Vancouver, March 2017

"Excellent domain of all topics with strong academic and labor background. Material was always available and very detailed. Course organization was easy, clear, and not a single issue at all."
- Facundo Cazares, Exploration Geologist, Riverside Resources Inc. - Vancouver, March 2017

"Good balance between (technical) mining, business applications, finance, markets, etc"
- Justin Hayek, Investment Advisor, PI Financial Corp, Vancouver, March 2017

"Great presentation, speaking and communication. Good practical examples, and enormous depth of experience to draw upon. Essential knowledge for anyone who is involved in the business of mining and exploration."
- David Blann, Standard Metals Exploration Ltd., Vancouver, March 2016

"Dr. Doggett made a seemingly boring topic very interesting. Looking at the course schedule beforehand was somewhat frightening but he proved it was the opposite. Dr. Doggett is very intelligent and can communicate complex ideas and concepts from several aspects."  
- Anonymous, Vancouver, March 2016

"Dr. Michael Doggett is a great lecturer and very knowledgeable of the subject matter"
- Kurt Allen, Hecla Mining Company, Vancouver, March 2014

"Dr. Doggett presented the course materials in a good, easy to understand fashion and he gave relevant examples. The course assignments were good and helped the students work through the problems to ensure understanding"
- Steve Petroni, Hecla Silver Valley Inc., Vancouver, March 2014

"Even though the course is intended for those with a technical background, as someone with a financial background and very limited technical knowledge I found the course very useful. It provides clarity around both basic technical and financial fundamentals, and makes the crucial connections between the two for determining economic viability. The instruction and organization are great, as the material is communicated effectively and the flow was smooth."
- Brian Miller, Kiska Metals Corp., Vancouver, March 2014

"In my opinion, the course is well supported by the teaching-skills and experience of Michael. He was able to communicate a lot of empirical and theoretical knowledge to the attendants and provided several useful examples of actual mining cases. These points were complemented by a good course coordination in terms of resources, materials and logistic. In particular, I liked the UBC Robson Square as a place for conferences. "
- Ricardo, Rio Tinto, Vancouver, March 2014



Professional development course by Dr. Michael Doggett

EXAMPLE VIDEO of the professional development course titled: "Economic Guidelines for Mineral Exploration" With Dr. Michael Doggett
November 16, 2012 in Ankara, Turkey. Video recorded on the last day of the course.







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