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"Field Mapping of Ore Deposits - Anatomy of a Tilted Porphyry Cu Batholith and its Hydrothermal Alteration Features"

Jointly presented by:
Dr. Richard (Dick) Tosdal - PicachoEx LLC
Dr. John Dilles - Oregon State University

Yerington, Nevada, USA

May 1 (Thursday) to May 9 (Friday), 2014










This 8-day course includes field excursions and mapping exercises around classic geological localities near Yerington, Nevada.  Remarkably, porphyry Cu deposits, high-level Fe-oxide deposits, and related volcanic and plutonic complexes have been tilted 90° to expose a complete 3-D picture of a mineralized magmatic-hydrothermal system.  The course will provide excellent opportunities to enhance geological skills in detailed field mapping techniques emphasizing lithological, structural and igneous information, as well as mineralization, veining and alteration.  Mapping exercises will include porphyry Cu (MacArthur and Ann-Mason) and skarn (Casting Copper) deposits.  Field excursions through the Yerington Batholith, porphyry Cu alteration systems, advanced argillic environment in overlying volcanic cover rocks, contact metasomatic aureoles, sodic-calcic alteration and related Fe-oxide Cu-Au mineralization complete the course.

The course fees include lodging, transportation and field notes.  Participants will be picked up and returned to Reno, Nevada, at approximately 5pm on each of the start/end dates. 

$2800 USD early registration (by March 1, 2014)  |  $3100 USD late registration (after March 1, 2014)

Fee includes: Lodging for 8 nights in Yerington, (2) 1/2 days and (7) full days of instruction, transportation from/to Reno, Nevada, field notes, and certificate of participation.
Payments accepted by cheque, wire and bank transfers, and all major credit cards

Register here by filling in the attached registration form, and sending it back by email, fax or by mail

Please contact Karie Smith at karie@klsgeotours.com for more information....






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